Know Whether CBD Shows in the Drug Test

CBD is a well-known medicinal herbal product that is administered to heal many health problems. CBD is presently used to make many products for enhancing health conditions and for skin-care. CBD products are popularly used by people from all walks of life. Hence, it isn’t a surprise when sportsperson prefers to use CBD products to improve their health and body to perform well in their chosen sports arena.

Sports people take CBD to reduce health problems related to injuries, pain and to drive away tiredness. All know about the beneficial qualities of CBD however, doubt whether it will be stated to be an abused drug. Thus, are worried whether it will show a positive result in the drug test that may result in creating problems while playing in the competitive sports field.

There is no doubt that usage of CBD is legal in many countries still, worldwide acceptance is yet to be legalized. Hence, it may create trouble for international players. Even if they use CBD vape oil having a lowest percentage of THC, there are high chances of it showing in a drug test because of other reasons.  Many sports players use high-quality cannabis oil products having negligible THC bought from popular online stores like JustCBD store to prove that they don’t use any kind of psychoactive element.

CBD can prove to be positive in drug test due to several reasons-

  • When the product contains THC.
    • This may happen when the person uses low-quality CBD products bought from unreliable sources. It is because they use extracts of marijuana plants instead of hemp plants. The extraction process of the pure form of CBD present in the hemp plant is complicated, thus it is expensive. People prefer to buy cheaper products thus get THC in their bloodstream.
    • It even happens when the products are bought from the places where usage of cannabis is legal, thus the presence of THC present in the products may prove to be a problem for its users.
  • Buying mislabeled products manufactured by untrustworthy sources.
    • It is a known fact that THC presence in CBD products isn’t good for health. However, many manufactures don’t test their products by well-recognized laboratories thus the proportions of THC are more than required. It is because they use inferior quality marijuana plant extract while manufacturing CBD products. To gain higher sales they misled their consumers by misprinting the label. Their product’s label states that THC isn’t present in the CBD product.
  •  When spending many hours with marijuana or drug users.
    • The chances are that coming in close contact with the other drug users and marijuana may result in having THC or other psychoactive elements in your blood. There is a possibility when you spend a long time with pot smokers of marijuana. The inhalation of the smoke may cause issues.

To avoid positive CBD drug test-

  • Buy and use only CBD products sold by fully trusted sources.
  • The CBD product should have industrial hemp plant extracts.
  • Gain more detailed information about the brand’s CBD products to know about the extraction process adapted to compose a pure form of CBD supply.
  • You can avoid having closer contact with heavy marijuana smokers.

You can have your research done clearly well before buying the product from credible sources.

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