Switch to Reusable Makeup Removing Pad and Become Environmentally Friendly

After a long hectic day at work, the only thing that a female wants is to get back to bed and their pajamas. But wait, are we forgetting something, oh yes, makeup. Skin is sensitive so we need to take proper care regularly. Removing makeup is a tedious yet important task every night before sleeping. All you want to do is scrub the makeup with make-up remover, so that it removes quickly, apply some moisturizer and jump on the bed.

Unfortunately, it may sound like a quick remedy, but to our surprise, with every makeup remover product, we are increasing our carbon footprint on the earth. Every cosmetic or beauty product for hair, skin, and body that we use is daily waste that is being disposed of on land and in water. Everyone can help in reducing environmental impact by taking small steps. It doesn’t have to a big move, but simple changes in beauty routine with eco-friendly products can help a lot.

One of the best ways of doing it is by using reusable make-up removing pads. Disposable pads are used once and they add up to daily waste. These wastes end up in landfills and the chemicals in the pads mix with the air thereby polluting it. Also, to prepare disposable pads, manufacturers use too many resources for continuous manufacture. However, reusable removing pads can be used for as long as you want.

At The Willow Trader, you will find eco-friendly everyday items that help in protecting the planet. All their products are manufactured with renewable, organic, and recycled material like bamboo, charcoal, stainless steel, etc. all the everyday essentials provided are of the best quality, vegan-friendly, and animal cruelty-free. Their wide range of products includes wholesale makeup pads, aloe vera serum, hemp oil, konjac sponge, Vitamin C serum, Bamboo Cotton Pads, stainless steel straw, face masks, hand sanitizer gel, etc.

Benefits of reusable makeup removing pads

  • Instead of using 2-3 disposable cotton pads, you will be using one reusable removing pad. This helps in reducing waste and protecting the environment.
  • Disposable companies use harsh chemicals on pads that remove makeup instantly, but reusable pads are soft and gentler on the skin. For example, cotton cloth is soft on the skin and you just need to wipe with the help of a moisturizer.
  • These reusable pads can be cleaned easily wither with sap water or just drop it in the washing machine with another laundry. You can make it at home or buy 2-3 reusable pads and wash them once a week with all other clothes.
  • Reusable pads help in saving money. Instead of buying bunches of expensive brands of makeup removing kits, you just need to buy 2-3 reusable pads and they work fine for months.

Tips for making Eco-friendly Makeup Remover

  • Take 3 tbsp. of any natural oil like coconut or olive oil as a removing agent. Mix it with 3 tbsp. of water and witch hazel which is a natural ingredient used as a skin toner.
  • Pour the mixture in a tight seal container or jar and shake well to mix it well. Now you can use it any time with your reusable removing pad.

Starting with small changes can help in making big impacts. Once you the benefits of natural ingredients, you will eventually try other natural ingredients for hair, skin, and body.

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